Anarcho Punk Flea Market in Pomona, CA

Last weekend we tagged along with one of our friends to vend at the Anarcho Punk Flea Market in Pomona. We’re always venturing out of our comfort zones and recently, we’re trying to consistently participate in more pop up shops. Because of this, we didn’t know what to expect.

Though we face uncertainty every time we load our truck, Frankenstein the War Machine, and head to events, we figured that this is a good way to see how people interact with our products in person. As a result, we have a better understanding of what works for our current audience and how to reach other audiences that have never heard of us.

Here are some photos from our friend Bryan (IG: _Ramdiggity_).

Night owls - Esme

During the winter you already know the the sun goes down by 4:30pm and most of us hate it. Since by 5:30pm it can be pitch dark. So this is the style of photography we had to take when we got together with Esme.

"Rocking Vintage" Back Yard 90s Vibe

Last weekend we did our first and last pop up shop of 2018 at the Rocking Vintage event that took place at a backyard in the San Gabriel Valley. I thought the idea was pretty dope. I already pictured this 90s raw party vibe. So we loaded our truck and went on our way to Temple City, ca to set up our booth and party with some dope people.

We enjoyed the experience so much that we are hoping to doing more pop up shops in the months to come.

If you like vintage clothing make sure to check out Rocking Vintage on instagram: @rockin.vintage

"Lifestyles of the Hood and Dangerous" -photoshoot with Jasper

Last weekend we got together with Los Angeles rapper Jasper Loco. Jasper has been a long time friend of ours, so he reached out to us to come down and shoot his album cover “Lifestyles of the Hood of the Dangerous” set to drop sometime this month.

We shot two videos with him that will also be coming out pretty soon, but here’s a quick behind the scenes videos to the cover shoot.