Summer Breeze ft. Nikki Price

Last week we came into the office early so we could leave early. As soon as we got to HB we met up with our friend Nikki. The Sun was perfect, nice cool breeze. Kast looked at me and said, "If we go into the office early, we could come out to the beach more often." After seeing the results of the shoot Kast did with Nikki, I think we might have to start spending more time at the beach. 

Model: Nikki Price (IG: @littlenikkilynn)

Photographer: King Kast (IG: @KingKast1) 

"The Film Club" Cafe edition with Jackie Luna Flower

I been on this trip of trying to make something different to this web site. Kast and I were talking about how the brand is not really a clothing brand, but sorta like a breathing evolving work of art to us. Well at least that is the attitude we take in order to create new products, new content and aspiring to make this web site a better experience. With that being said, I been messing around with dye colors and process. So we came out with a brand new idea, "The Film Club" Cafe edition tees. They are hand dyed, hand washed, to give them a bit of a vintage unique look to them. The beauty of these designs is that not all the tees are the same, they all have different washed out colors. It was fun making them and it is even more satisfying seeing how model Jackie Luna Flower looks in them. Pictures shot by photographer King Kast. 

Well I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.

-Sammy T. 


I'm God's lonely man... Taken from the movie Taxi Driver (1976). To me it could be interpreted in many ways. I saw the movie as something more than a movie. It was art. With message that came to me very clear a few months ago. I chose to interpret it as a man outside of society. Someone who saw the decaying world for what it really was, a shit hole. As I further explored this theme, I came to a realization that the character was not an outcast, but someone who escaped from the (man-made) matrix. That's how I feel, I don't follow the news, I don't get on Facebook, I see everyone moving through life just existing, desensitized from the current state of the world... no, the current state of their, lets narrow it down even further, the current state of their mind. So here we stand alone, outside of the matrix. Where it's just me and the creator waiting for the sun to shine.

-King Kast 

"Desert Daze" photos by King Kast

In the midst of the groggy day after Coachella, as everyone was trying to head back to their respective homes. I met up with Louise for an impromptu shoot. She had a long night at the festival, but we had made plans to meet up that Monday before she went back. Times weren't set, location was vaguely discussed, but I cleared my whole schedule for that day to leave to the location at a moments notice. Once she finally contacted me, we set up a time, and got directions to the location. The location was part of a multiple art installations in the Coachella Valley, Desert X. I met with her, she picked out her outfit. The day was warm, but a fresh breeze made it for a pleasant environment. From there, as cliche as it sounds, the rest is history.

-King Kast (ig: kingkast1)

Model: Louise Lee (ig: louiiselee)


We spend a lot of time scavanging the web for new music that inspires our creative flow. So Kast came up with an idea to making a playlist on soundcloud that we all can listen to. We will update this playlist on the weekly basis, so make sure you download the soundcloud app and follow us. 


Making "Pan Dulce"

We are getting ready to try something new. We have a lot of people that are beat junkies and have been following us since the beginning of VNDTA music era. 

King Kast's "Pan Dulce" will be an EP, beat tape. 7 fresh cut hip hop instrumentals that will be able for download this March 20th. Check out the video:


We collaborated with our friends, Yasmean (@yazmeeaann) and Tyson's Evil AMG (Yes the car has it's own instagram: @evil_amg) 

This was actually Yasmean's concept she pitched to us, and we are always on board with working on something creative. So we went with it. The music in the background is by King Kast, off his new beat tape dropping next week "Pan Dulce". 

Hope you like it.

-Sammy (@fucmyart) 

Just Posted

I been hanging out in Santa Ana a lot more often. I passed by this liquor store several of time and just loved the colors from the neon sign. I knew I had to do a little set there. Well I met the perfect model for that spot Kelly. Trip out that was her dads hood too.

Add her on IG: @Kellyybell

No Judgements Here

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

I hear this a lot, "Don't judge me Sammy." I smile and reply, "I am not judging, I am listening to you." Sometimes I feel that people really just want someone to listen to just without a reply.

Model: Keana
IG: @3reesixxs

Everything we do is an Experiment

The homie Victor came through the studio the other day just in time for me to shoot him in one of my shirt experiment. For some reason I am in love how paint drips and splashes. So I threw some bleach on one of our VNDTA tees "Eat The Rich" and now it's my favorite tee to wear. I was thinking of adding a couple to the shop, what do you think?


IG: @Steez_with_veez


I been asking myself what is art? As if truly understanding the philosophy and essence of it can give me a better understanding to life. When photographing I ask myself, 'What is the purpose of this? What benefits does it provides?' Sure it's beautiful, but like food can be arrange to look beautiful, it still provides nourishment to the body. Can visuals stimulate and nourish the soul? Maybe so. Maybe art in a sense is a spiritual self created journey. Maybe art is an ever evolving struggle to create and express a subconscious or conscious voice deep in our souls. I'm still trying to figure it out.

 -Sammy T.


Model: Shonda Mackey

Photos by: Fucmyart