Everything Starts with an Idea

Lately I been on this philosophy about thought. "Before anything could come of it there had to be an idea, a model on which to build. That's when thoughts and idea supplied a model.

I was talking to King Kast about the brand and how lately we both have been going towards an idea that VNDTA is not really a clothing brand, a street brand. We are a mix media brand. We love to work on photography, designs, videos, and be in the a recording studio making music with our friends. The reason we make started making clothes it was because we wanted to put our statements and our designs on garments. We have met so many cool people and made a career out of our mix media venture that we hardly ever really show case it on this platform. We are heading towards another VNDTA phase, which will help us create better and include our friends with dope talent on here too. 

Photos by: Sam

Model: Chay Bryn

Through My Spectacles - Jiu Jitsu

I been training Jiu jitsu for about 2 years. I am a humble blue belt right now. One thing in those two years of practicing the art, I have never really taken interest in documenting it. Until I went to see my good friend Rudy Fernandez from Carnales BJJ compete at 2017 SJJIF Worlds this weekend. As I was waiting for Rudy's bracket to be up, which sometimes it can take for ever. If your bracket is up at 6pm most likely you're up at 7:30pm. As wait, I decided to take my camera out and observe the matches through my lens. I began to noticed everything as I was sniping for the right shot. I saw the techniques, the movements, the style and the emotion.

From a personal experience of the few tournaments I done before, the anxiety going towards the day of the event can bit stressful. Cutting weight can be a bit tough, since if you don't make weight that's an automatic DQ. The waiting for your bracket to be up and the starving feeling because you haven't ate, makes you sleep the time away under the bleachers. When your foot steps on the mat and you're starring directly at your opponent that is chasing the same desire as you, victory. Now in that moment it becomes a challenge of remaining cool and not forgetting the reason who you are and what you know translating you 'your game'.

All those emotions I saw through the lens and it's a perspective that makes you acknowledge the idea that these competitors challenged themselves. Went through all those stressing emotions, disciplined their diet, and showed up and performed. I mean the disappointment of losing is tough, but it passes and when that dose. You figured out the holes to your game and work towards improvement because just like life, "There is no losing in jiu jitsu, there is only learning."

This is why I love this sport, it makes you see things from a different perspective.


Back from The Grave

Last weekend we dropped some new beanies and crewnecks. Actually I was going thru my emails and stumble of this old typography of VNDTA King Kast sent me about two years ago. I though the design was so dope that I needed to ressurect it and put on some new garments. Well here you go, "Menace" beanies and crewneck. So we been lining up new shoots and in about another week we should go into production with a brand new tee design. In the mean time check out these dope visuals with the homie Karlton Phresh. 

"Menace" Beanies now available. 

She entered her flow

She entered a flow state. She is not thinking ahead, she is not thinking in the past. She is just thinking about what's in front of her. She is in complete trust of who she is. She is in complete happiness how the world comes to her effortlessly. She in a complete state of flow. 

Model: Nicole Briana Holt
Visuals by: Sam T. 


We caught up with our friend Yasmin to do a quick VNDTA photoshoot. Always fun hanging out with her. Actually this photoshoot wasn't suppose to be done in film, but with all the rushing and meeting through out the day. We forgot to load the memory chips in our bags. Hey! it happens ok. Shit happens. Lucky for us I had a old vintage Minolta range view camera and an old Kodak film still in it's box. So we improvise and these are the images from yesterdays shoot with Yasmin. 

Make sure to check out her podcast "Cafe Con Chisme" at www.soundcloud.com/cafeconchisme

Photos by: @kingkast1
Model: Yasmin (@oh_yazzzz)


As I was surfing through youtube for some new music, I stumbled on this video Gold - Brockhampton. I just loved the visuals, the vibe and just looked like a "fun we don't give a fuck" type of video shoot. Brockhampton is a brand new super rap group from South Central. I hope they keep bring them tracks and visuals. Check them out: 



FIGHT NIGHT - Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor (Simulation)

As we get ready for this weekends fight of Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. I started searching for simulation videos, just for fun. It's extremely funny the simulations I ran through before getting to the this one. Which is most likely how the fight might play out. Don't get me wrong I would love Conor to knock out Mayweather, but the likely hood of that happening is slim to none. Some people including myself have said that this is simply a WWE style of circus fight. That the two fighters will just dance around the ring until the fight is over so they can grab the cash and run. Making it one of the biggest cash grabs in sports fight history. Maybe that's why the hardcore Boxing and MMA fans are so upset. "It is not good for the sport, on both sides."  You know what? I might still watch it, just so I can whisper, 'I told you so.' or be wrong about it and see a very entertaining fight. But I am not sure, I am still not over the garbage fight Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather was and that was years ago! 

Here's the simulation video: 

vndta music

Mic Check

We were in the studio finishing Jay Bowers E.P. After we finished recording I started playing some of King Kast's beats and the homie Urgi started freestyling, so I said get in the booth. This is what came out of it. Let me know what you guys think by commenting below.




LA ROSA - The beauty in the struggle

Bella Muerta returns to our blog to shoot our in our latest dad hat release "La Rosa" (The Rose).  We dropped them in 4 different colors, so make your way to the headwear section to check them out. 

Model: Allie Valentine
Photos by: Sammy aka Ninjatron

Artist note: I am struggling artist, in a way that all my money doesn't really go into parties or strippers, but into my brand. We came out with this new dad hat "LA ROSA" which mean "The Rose" and as I tried to come up with an idea that represents it visually something came to mind, our struggle growing up. Regardless of what we went through, we are still here making art, making clothes, filming videos and doing what we love. Sure sometimes I may not have money for my expensive pastas that I love, but my rent is paid, my car is paid, and I still have money to invest in the thing that I love, making clothes. If it wasn't for those struggles, I wouldn't push my self to want more and actually go make it happen. Sure I'm a struggling artist, but there is so much beauty in the struggle. That's what "La Rosa" represents to us at #vndtastudios

In The Mood with Paris Loveee

Hope everyone is having a good summer so far, I know that I am. A couple of days ago I met with Paris Loveee, she came down to our VNDTA studios to create a set with me. Which I honestly really love, it was a simple shoot, yet, I just love how Paris creates these types of moods that I am looking for. 

Check out her instagram: @parisloveee

Visit our Print section, to own your own VNDTA photo prints. 

Photos by: Ninjatron2000

Summer Breeze ft. Nikki Price

Last week we came into the office early so we could leave early. As soon as we got to HB we met up with our friend Nikki. The Sun was perfect, nice cool breeze. Kast looked at me and said, "If we go into the office early, we could come out to the beach more often." After seeing the results of the shoot Kast did with Nikki, I think we might have to start spending more time at the beach. 

Model: Nikki Price (IG: @littlenikkilynn)

Photographer: King Kast (IG: @KingKast1) 

"The Film Club" Cafe edition with Jackie Luna Flower

I been on this trip of trying to make something different to this web site. Kast and I were talking about how the brand is not really a clothing brand, but sorta like a breathing evolving work of art to us. Well at least that is the attitude we take in order to create new products, new content and aspiring to make this web site a better experience. With that being said, I been messing around with dye colors and process. So we came out with a brand new idea, "The Film Club" Cafe edition tees. They are hand dyed, hand washed, to give them a bit of a vintage unique look to them. The beauty of these designs is that not all the tees are the same, they all have different washed out colors. It was fun making them and it is even more satisfying seeing how model Jackie Luna Flower looks in them. Pictures shot by photographer King Kast. 

Well I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.

-Sammy T. 


I'm God's lonely man... Taken from the movie Taxi Driver (1976). To me it could be interpreted in many ways. I saw the movie as something more than a movie. It was art. With message that came to me very clear a few months ago. I chose to interpret it as a man outside of society. Someone who saw the decaying world for what it really was, a shit hole. As I further explored this theme, I came to a realization that the character was not an outcast, but someone who escaped from the (man-made) matrix. That's how I feel, I don't follow the news, I don't get on Facebook, I see everyone moving through life just existing, desensitized from the current state of the world... no, the current state of their neighborhoods...no, lets narrow it down even further, the current state of their mind. So here we stand alone, outside of the matrix. Where it's just me and the creator waiting for the sun to shine.

-King Kast