Through My Spectacles - Jiu Jitsu

I been training Jiu jitsu for about 2 years. I am a humble blue belt right now. One thing in those two years of practicing the art, I have never really taken interest in documenting it. Until I went to see my good friend Rudy Fernandez from Carnales BJJ compete at 2017 SJJIF Worlds this weekend. As I was waiting for Rudy's bracket to be up, which sometimes it can take for ever. If your bracket is up at 6pm most likely you're up at 7:30pm. As wait, I decided to take my camera out and observe the matches through my lens. I began to noticed everything as I was sniping for the right shot. I saw the techniques, the movements, the style and the emotion.

From a personal experience of the few tournaments I done before, the anxiety going towards the day of the event can bit stressful. Cutting weight can be a bit tough, since if you don't make weight that's an automatic DQ. The waiting for your bracket to be up and the starving feeling because you haven't ate, makes you sleep the time away under the bleachers. When your foot steps on the mat and you're starring directly at your opponent that is chasing the same desire as you, victory. Now in that moment it becomes a challenge of remaining cool and not forgetting the reason who you are and what you know translating you 'your game'.

All those emotions I saw through the lens and it's a perspective that makes you acknowledge the idea that these competitors challenged themselves. Went through all those stressing emotions, disciplined their diet, and showed up and performed. I mean the disappointment of losing is tough, but it passes and when that dose. You figured out the holes to your game and work towards improvement because just like life, "There is no losing in jiu jitsu, there is only learning."

This is why I love this sport, it makes you see things from a different perspective.