Everything Starts with an Idea

Lately I been on this philosophy about thought. "Before anything could come of it there had to be an idea, a model on which to build. That's when thoughts and idea supplied a model.

I was talking to King Kast about the brand and how lately we both have been going towards an idea that VNDTA is not really a clothing brand, a street brand. We are a mix media brand. We love to work on photography, designs, videos, and be in the a recording studio making music with our friends. The reason we make started making clothes it was because we wanted to put our statements and our designs on garments. We have met so many cool people and made a career out of our mix media venture that we hardly ever really show case it on this platform. We are heading towards another VNDTA phase, which will help us create better and include our friends with dope talent on here too. 

Photos by: Sam

Model: Chay Bryn