"Desert Daze" photos by King Kast

In the midst of the groggy day after Coachella, as everyone was trying to head back to their respective homes. I met up with Louise for an impromptu shoot. She had a long night at the festival, but we had made plans to meet up that Monday before she went back. Times weren't set, location was vaguely discussed, but I cleared my whole schedule for that day to leave to the location at a moments notice. Once she finally contacted me, we set up a time, and got directions to the location. The location was part of a multiple art installations in the Coachella Valley, Desert X. I met with her, she picked out her outfit. The day was warm, but a fresh breeze made it for a pleasant environment. From there, as cliche as it sounds, the rest is history.

-King Kast (ig: kingkast1)

Model: Louise Lee (ig: louiiselee)