"The Film Club" Cafe edition with Jackie Luna Flower

I been on this trip of trying to make something different to this web site. Kast and I were talking about how the brand is not really a clothing brand, but sorta like a breathing evolving work of art to us. Well at least that is the attitude we take in order to create new products, new content and aspiring to make this web site a better experience. With that being said, I been messing around with dye colors and process. So we came out with a brand new idea, "The Film Club" Cafe edition tees. They are hand dyed, hand washed, to give them a bit of a vintage unique look to them. The beauty of these designs is that not all the tees are the same, they all have different washed out colors. It was fun making them and it is even more satisfying seeing how model Jackie Luna Flower looks in them. Pictures shot by photographer King Kast. 

Well I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.

-Sammy T.