I'm God's lonely man... Taken from the movie Taxi Driver (1976). To me it could be interpreted in many ways. I saw the movie as something more than a movie. It was art. With message that came to me very clear a few months ago. I chose to interpret it as a man outside of society. Someone who saw the decaying world for what it really was, a shit hole. As I further explored this theme, I came to a realization that the character was not an outcast, but someone who escaped from the (man-made) matrix. That's how I feel, I don't follow the news, I don't get on Facebook, I see everyone moving through life just existing, desensitized from the current state of the world... no, the current state of their neighborhoods...no, lets narrow it down even further, the current state of their mind. So here we stand alone, outside of the matrix. Where it's just me and the creator waiting for the sun to shine.

-King Kast