Passing Thru Norwalk

Lately, I haven't been very picky about locations. I've been wanting my images to correlate with our every day lives by shooting at familiar places that have some sort of 'street culture' significance.

When planning my days I like to keep a full and productive schedule. So while driving around the LA area running VNDTA errands and checking on the development of our newest products, my last stop for the day was to meet up with my Instagram friend Gabby, also known as @pin_upprincess. She was nice enough to meet me under the Norwalk Town Square sign after she got off work. I have always driven by it and thought to myself that it would be an ideal location for a shoot. I think Gabby only said yes to the idea because she lives 10 minutes away from the sign and neither one of us wanted to take a trip at 5pm, on a rush hour Friday, to Downtown LA. Besides, I haven't been feeling like hanging out and shooting in Downtown lately. I prefer keeping it simple. Maybe my next blog post should be about simplicity, or the idea and concept of incorporating minimalism into photography, but we will leave that topic for another day.