Aspiration vs Ambition ft. Valerie Vargas

I know how cliche "Follow your dreams" sounds, but there will be a time that you would re evaluate your life and say "Did I actually do what makes me happy?" Sometimes it takes a while to realize that maybe what you thought you needed, you actually really didn't need. Maybe that thing we feared confronting is the thing we need to address in order to know what we truly are capable of doing. Dreams or even doing things that bring creative joy are essential to this life. I read something the other day about how there is a difference between aspiration and ambition. Aspiration is to become and ambition is to acquire. One is a internal personal need and the other is a external material want.

Why do I say this?

The spirit of VNDTA has always been driven by the collaboration and the the joy we all get from working to create something dope. Our vision has always been a raw one because that's truly what our lifestyle is. We live to create. 

Shooting with Valerie

She reminded how dope it is to create with people that are happy to come and create with us. We have known Valerie for quite sometime and she's an incredible artist. Seeing her art grow has being inspiring. She is a strong woman that never puts the pen down and always continues to push her art. I didn't get to talk to her about her hopes and dreams because really that's not what I do. Sometimes we let the visuals tell a story about people. This is our friend Val, a creative free spirit, just like us.

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Visuals by: King Kast @kingkast1