Music Spot Light: ZIJN

I truly enjoy finding new music. Specially when it is from an undiscovered independent artist.
I refuse to be one of those people that says ‘There isn’t any good music out there.’
I disagree, I think we are just not looking hard enough. There is a lot of talent out there,
we just need surf around; discover them and share them. That’s what the world needs,
share new music as much as a video of a cat making a grumpy face.

Now with that said. I would like to share this new recording r&b artistfrom LA and OC , Zijn.
I heard his song “F.W.M.”, it caught my attention with that sample in the beginning, that gave
this 1970s poppy vibe. Then his vocals coming in and I was literally, “Damn dude this is really
good.” So here’s my share to you, enjoy: him on ig: @zijn21