About Our Movement




VNDTA was created by two visual artists - Kast&Fame as a way to express hope and anger through art. It became their voice. It was a movement among themselves and their friends with the mentality and spirit of 'It's us against them’. ‘Them’, are those who were the dream killers. The ones that step on the under dog. The ones that enslave minds. The ones who just never believed in a couple of street kids trying to make it.

“It’s just me against the World” -Tupac


VNDTA Studios Services

Yes, we do offer our design services to other brands. Our studio media services offers: videos, graphic design, logo designs, photography, and recording studio.

Contact us for more information.

Limited edition

 We want to give VNDTA a collectible spirit. When we run out of stock the likely hood of a design coming back is very slim. Our goal is to give our collections a feel of seasons and change. That way we don't become mundane, and most important we can stay having fun producing new ideas.

Hope you can become one of our collectors.