LA ROSA - The beauty in the struggle

Bella Muerta returns to our blog to shoot our in our latest dad hat release "La Rosa" (The Rose).  We dropped them in 4 different colors, so make your way to the headwear section to check them out. 

Model: Allie Valentine
Photos by: Sammy aka Ninjatron

Artist note: I am struggling artist, in a way that all my money doesn't really go into parties or strippers, but into my brand. We came out with this new dad hat "LA ROSA" which mean "The Rose" and as I tried to come up with an idea that represents it visually something came to mind, our struggle growing up. Regardless of what we went through, we are still here making art, making clothes, filming videos and doing what we love. Sure sometimes I may not have money for my expensive pastas that I love, but my rent is paid, my car is paid, and I still have money to invest in the thing that I love, making clothes. If it wasn't for those struggles, I wouldn't push my self to want more and actually go make it happen. Sure I'm a struggling artist, but there is so much beauty in the struggle. That's what "La Rosa" represents to us at #vndtastudios