Are We Street Wear?

Lately I been looking at VNDTA and at other brands. I ask myself "Are we street wear?" Honestly maybe is my anti trend attitude or just the fact that even hash tagging #streetwear gets us drowned in 17,557,818 other post of other brands on instagram and still growing. The market is so saturated because everyone has a brand. Which that is fine. I would hate to be that bitter dude that is mad at other people trying to make it. Hey we are all trying to make it. We don't all have the same stories. We don't all have the same mentality. Even tho we all have the same goal to be successful in this hard entrepreneur venture of making clothes. We also want to be individuals. We want to stand out from the rest and say this is our flag and this is our stories, our people, our creativity. I think that is the essence of building a brand. To treat it like an entity with a soul because some of us don't want to buy products from a soulless company. Products with no belief and no story. Are we street wear? I don't know, but I do know our brand has soul.

Now featuring Zoey Foster wearing that "In The Hood" hoodie in olive color.Make sure you give her a follow on instagram: @zoeyfoster1356