The Joy Of Slowing Down

Take a second to slow down. Can you feel it? Can you feel the tranquility that you get at the beach when it is almost sunset and the cool breeze hits your skin. You can close your eyes and the sounds of the waves coming into the sand and crashing into the rocks become music to your ears.

We all should have a place that we can get away to re-center ourselves. I mean sometimes a fast pace world can become tiring and noisy. Where from time to time things can turned a bit distorted.

The philosopher Aristotle, a champion of science and nature believed that we should enjoy the values of this world. To use our minds to the fullest, and each person should work to achieve his own happiness here on earth. 

Sometimes when moving too fast we tend to forget to enjoy, to think and to pursue our own happiness here right now. Take just a couple of minutes to slow down and picture that what brings you joy. 

-Sammy T. 

Model:  Ivie (ig: im_yo_asian_friend)