Art Into The Valley

The Coachella Valley isn’t known for much other than the festivals that come once a year. In my years of coming in and out of the areas of the Valley, I noticed that the culture of the valley was being robbed. If a tag came up it was buffed. There was no real art scene to speak of (at least none evident). Everything out there is polished to serve an older demographic. In comes Pete Salcido of Flat Black Shop, owner and operator of the graffiti art store in Palm Desert Ca. In my short time knowing Pete I have watched him pump life into the Coachella Valley with events, art shows, and art workshops. He literally went from 0-60 in a short amount of time. Now you can go to Westfield mall of Palm Desert and see art displays! Not art that’s boring (aka hotel art) but art that speaks to the youth and a demographic that has long been ignored in the area. Now Pete along with the Palm Springs Public Art Commission opened a temporary graffiti park in Downtown Palm Springs. That would have been unheard of in the past.