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      Back in the studio with Stomper. We are working on a couple of projets and just trying to have fun with the whole process of making music and putting it out there on the streaming platforms. 

      I am not going to lie, I uploaded this song at 3am right after Stomper left the studio. I haven't slept in 24hrs, but I made a commitment to be in the studio and experiment with this new idea I have. I made a mistake in the process. 

      The song got released on iTunes as "7600 Degrees" instead of "7666 Degrees" I know, I know, I messed up. Hopefully it should be corrected in the next few days. But fuck it! It's already up, so here is the song. I have provided the link to the iTunes also for those that want to downloaded:

      ITUNES: https://music.apple.com/us/album/7600-degrees-single/1499023575


      New Music Video "2 A.M" by Mikeygotbands

      This is a very different video were we were the director of photography, the video theme was written and directed  by Jenny of The Kinky Peach. 

      We thought it would be a better strategy to bring in a woman's perspective to making a sexual video with the BDSM look and these are the results. Such a great piece of musical visual art.