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      The Chronicles — chicano art

      Chicano art and Jiujitsu

      Chicano art and Jiujitsu

      VNDTA Studios pays respect to the spirit and craftsmanship of Chicano art and jiujitsu by creating designs with bold and stylized graphics. The designs incorporate the traditional elements of Chicano art, such as graffiti and stylized skeletons, to create strong visual statements. Bold typography and geometric shapes pay homage to the meditative nature of jiujitsu.

      The designs created by VNDTA Studios evoke a spirit of celebration of culture and art, while encapsulating the power and strength of martial arts disciplines.


      Day of The Death Special edition

      Day of The Death Special edition

      Introducing our highly anticipated annual special edition: 'Day of The Dead' design!

      This vibrant celebration holds immense significance, providing a beautiful fusion of life and remembrance. 

      This year's captivating art piece showcases the iconic Catrina, reminding us that death is a natural part of existence and ought to be embraced joyfully. 

      Gently holding a rooster in her hand, symbolizing vigilance and protection, our design encapsulates the belief that the rooster's crow has the power to ward off any malevolent spirits during the festive Day of the Dead rituals. Acting as a devoted guardian, this rooster ensures that departed souls can find tranquility in their journey to the afterlife, undisturbed.

      The profound presence of both the Catrina and the rooster encapsulates the essence of Day of the Dead festivities, encapsulating the delicate dance between life and death, while emphasizing the significance of honoring and remembering our loved ones.

      Join us in celebrating this enchanting holiday of Dia De Los Muertos.