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      In The Studio



      Earlier this week we dropped two 2 new face mask designs. We offer two options - a cloth double layer mask and a dust fiber face mask.

       The first mask design is a VNDTA logo print on the side of the mask. We wanted to create a clean and minimalistic look.


      With the second design we decided to sauce it up with a dope original typography. The “Protect your neck” mask is inspired by one of our favorite Wu Tang Clan songs. 


       The masks are cut, sewn, and printed here in the USA by a small business. It is very important to us that we help fellow small businesses, especially during these uncertain times.

       Some of us are already adding face mask as part of our daily wardrobe for the 2020 year. So we might be considering in coming out with more designs that would look good with our outfits. 

       The CDC has recommended using cloth face mask when going out in public where social distancing can become difficult. Some counties have already mandated it for essential workers, and people that are visiting essential businesses and going out in public. 

       It is very important that even with a face mask. Try your best is keeping the social distancing of 6 ft as best as possible.

      Music Part of The Story

      Music Part of The Story

      Music is something we are very passionate about, and an important part of the story of how we started the VNDTA brand. 


      Just like a lot young kids, we had a dream of starting a record label and making dope music that people would love. 


      Straight outta high school that's what we did. We put what little money we had together and went and bought a $30 karaoke microphone from the local electronic store. 


      We started recording on cassette tapes and then figured out how to transfer it back to digital by using a program called “Sound Forge”. We would burn them into CDS and started selling them at school the following day. 


      We chased that venture for years. It kept us busy, it kept us in our apartment studio, learning and improving our skills, and even tho we ventured out to new business opportunities we never lost the passion for making music with other artists. 


      This year we decided to make time in our busy weekly schedule to turn on our recording studio open sign to exclusive projects.  We are collaborating with artists that have shown support for the VNDTA movement and some new faces we have met along the way. 


      So far we’ve been having so much fun. We have noticed an improvement in our sound, our mixes, our vibes and approach to the creative process of each project. Maybe is the fact we are not really focusing on the money, but the quality and excitement of where are we going with this. 


      So far we have dropped one track with artist The Stomper  and is called" 7666 Degrees". It's a storytelling gangster rap song that is fully produced by us from the beat to the recording. We had such a great reaction from the fans of that love that gangster vibe that we can’t wait to drop more songs. "7666 Degrees:  is now available on Spotify and Itunes. [LISTEN TO THE SONG]

      We have another project with LA’s favorite Happy clown Richie the Barber and new artist Mikeygotbands “NUMBLIKEPABLO”. The sound for this song is totally something new to us, but we personally picked it because we knew it was going to be fun in creating some what we are calling sonic art.

      Inspiration Behind "Destroy What Destroys You"

      Inspiration Behind "Destroy What Destroys You"

      “When you beat the enemy within the outside enemy can do you no harm."


      A person I met recently told me that he lost interest in his goal because he hasn’t been in the right state of mind. His dream was to inspired others through his art, “How can I inspire them if I don’t feel inspired with myself.” That's when I remembered someone else telling “Everything you do for your brand is energy. Lose that and you lose momentum.” 


      Sometimes our daily battles is within our own state of mind. Maybe we get stuck in those set backs that we suffer through our journey or we get distracted in comparing ourselves to what others are doing. We convince ourselves that maybe it's too hard, maybe we are not good enough, and eventually giving up on our goals.

      But, realizing that our own competition is not someone else, it is our own state of mind. Challenge that mentality by not being afraid to fail because failures are only lessons on the way to improvement and personal greatness.

      We are all warriors in our own battles. Stay strong and keep on fighting for what is yours.

      That is the message and the inspiration behind the creation of this design.


      Giants Casting Shadows - Protect The Hood #1 - VNDTA

      Giants Casting Shadows - Protect The Hood #1 - VNDTA

      Your corner hip hop store GCS (Giants Casting Shadows) has become a staple of the hip hop community in Downtown Santa Ana. You cannot visit the art walk without noticing their storefront covered with great graffiti art.

      Walking into GCS you will instantly notice their art gallery which is filled with local independent artists that rotate every month. What’s great is that GCS provides a platform for artists, performers, and even aspiring entrepreneurs.

      GCS is not only a shop, but also a platform that shares a message - to keep creating and to keep sharing that passion for art and music.

      Follow GCS on instagram at @gcssantaana
      Visit them at 206 E. 4th st, Set 101b Santa Ana, CA





      We had a lot of fun popping up, displaying our art, and most importantly connecting with new people at the @artfonfa.events art show.

      Even though the loading/unloading can be a lot of work, It is very important to get out there and introduce yourself and your work to new eyes. Plus, it’s inspiring to be around other artists and vendors! As a small business and struggling artists, this is part of the journey when building a dream. Don’t stay home, get out there and put in work.
      Thank you to everyone that showed love and support.