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      Studio Time — kast fame

      The Story Continues


      We kicked off the year with our first produced video project that was filmed in the Coachella Valley. Our friend Nephew Avila came out and played the role of the runner. 

      We wanted to make a visual that symbolized how we feel while continuing our journey as a creative brand and a small business that produces products. We would be lying to you if we told you this was easy and that everything is green at the other side of the fence. We continue to push forward on this long road because we firmly believe in our mission of creating and connecting with other like minded people. 

      We also implanted our love for physical training, hence the running and burpees. If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready, La Rutina. 


      Overall, we are very proud of ourselves how this project came out and are anxious to keep developing this visual pieces for you guys. 


      Thank you for watching. 

      Music Part of The Story

      Music Part of The Story

      Music is something we are very passionate about, and an important part of the story of how we started the VNDTA brand. 


      Just like a lot young kids, we had a dream of starting a record label and making dope music that people would love. 


      Straight outta high school that's what we did. We put what little money we had together and went and bought a $30 karaoke microphone from the local electronic store. 


      We started recording on cassette tapes and then figured out how to transfer it back to digital by using a program called “Sound Forge”. We would burn them into CDS and started selling them at school the following day. 


      We chased that venture for years. It kept us busy, it kept us in our apartment studio, learning and improving our skills, and even tho we ventured out to new business opportunities we never lost the passion for making music with other artists. 


      This year we decided to make time in our busy weekly schedule to turn on our recording studio open sign to exclusive projects.  We are collaborating with artists that have shown support for the VNDTA movement and some new faces we have met along the way. 


      So far we’ve been having so much fun. We have noticed an improvement in our sound, our mixes, our vibes and approach to the creative process of each project. Maybe is the fact we are not really focusing on the money, but the quality and excitement of where are we going with this. 


      So far we have dropped one track with artist The Stomper  and is called" 7666 Degrees". It's a storytelling gangster rap song that is fully produced by us from the beat to the recording. We had such a great reaction from the fans of that love that gangster vibe that we can’t wait to drop more songs. "7666 Degrees:  is now available on Spotify and Itunes. [LISTEN TO THE SONG]

      We have another project with LA’s favorite Happy clown Richie the Barber and new artist Mikeygotbands “NUMBLIKEPABLO”. The sound for this song is totally something new to us, but we personally picked it because we knew it was going to be fun in creating some what we are calling sonic art.