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      Studio Time — rap

      Giants Casting Shadows - Protect The Hood #1 - VNDTA

      Giants Casting Shadows - Protect The Hood #1 - VNDTA

      Your corner hip hop store GCS (Giants Casting Shadows) has become a staple of the hip hop community in Downtown Santa Ana. You cannot visit the art walk without noticing their storefront covered with great graffiti art.

      Walking into GCS you will instantly notice their art gallery which is filled with local independent artists that rotate every month. What’s great is that GCS provides a platform for artists, performers, and even aspiring entrepreneurs.

      GCS is not only a shop, but also a platform that shares a message - to keep creating and to keep sharing that passion for art and music.

      Follow GCS on instagram at @gcssantaana
      Visit them at 206 E. 4th st, Set 101b Santa Ana, CA