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      Studio Time — CORONAVIRUS



      Earlier this week we dropped two 2 new face mask designs. We offer two options - a cloth double layer mask and a dust fiber face mask.

       The first mask design is a VNDTA logo print on the side of the mask. We wanted to create a clean and minimalistic look.


      With the second design we decided to sauce it up with a dope original typography. The “Protect your neck” mask is inspired by one of our favorite Wu Tang Clan songs. 


       The masks are cut, sewn, and printed here in the USA by a small business. It is very important to us that we help fellow small businesses, especially during these uncertain times.

       Some of us are already adding face mask as part of our daily wardrobe for the 2020 year. So we might be considering in coming out with more designs that would look good with our outfits. 

       The CDC has recommended using cloth face mask when going out in public where social distancing can become difficult. Some counties have already mandated it for essential workers, and people that are visiting essential businesses and going out in public. 

       It is very important that even with a face mask. Try your best is keeping the social distancing of 6 ft as best as possible.