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      Studio Time

      The Story Continues


      We kicked off the year with our first produced video project that was filmed in the Coachella Valley. Our friend Nephew Avila came out and played the role of the runner. 

      We wanted to make a visual that symbolized how we feel while continuing our journey as a creative brand and a small business that produces products. We would be lying to you if we told you this was easy and that everything is green at the other side of the fence. We continue to push forward on this long road because we firmly believe in our mission of creating and connecting with other like minded people. 

      We also implanted our love for physical training, hence the running and burpees. If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready, La Rutina. 


      Overall, we are very proud of ourselves how this project came out and are anxious to keep developing this visual pieces for you guys. 


      Thank you for watching. 

      A weekend of Funk

      A weekend of Funk

      This weekend we set up a booth at a Funk Freak event in Santa Ana. We haven't done a vending event since Covid hit and let alone set up a booth in our favorite Orange County town.
      The whole show was dedicated to nothing, but the Orange County funk vibe. With costume contest for the kids, some live performances from local artist, food and products from small businesses. It was fun, here are some of the photos from this weekend. 



      I came to our studio where I saw a microphone just abandon in the corner. We haven’t been doing recording sessions since Covid, and people thought we shut down our studio and moved out. 

      Well an idea came to mind of making audio updates about VNDTA, mix with some visuals. We have the equipment and ability to do so, why not right. Came out pretty cool, check it out.

      Something Is Brewing

      Something Is Brewing

      This November we will be unveiling our newest collaboration with Represent, Beer Thugs, Hip Hop Craft and Chelas Mundiales to bring you our very own brew. 

      We are super excited about this project. Here's the teaser video.