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      Studio Time — mma

      Inspiration Behind "Destroy What Destroys You"

      Inspiration Behind "Destroy What Destroys You"

      “When you beat the enemy within the outside enemy can do you no harm."


      A person I met recently told me that he lost interest in his goal because he hasn’t been in the right state of mind. His dream was to inspired others through his art, “How can I inspire them if I don’t feel inspired with myself.” That's when I remembered someone else telling “Everything you do for your brand is energy. Lose that and you lose momentum.” 


      Sometimes our daily battles is within our own state of mind. Maybe we get stuck in those set backs that we suffer through our journey or we get distracted in comparing ourselves to what others are doing. We convince ourselves that maybe it's too hard, maybe we are not good enough, and eventually giving up on our goals.

      But, realizing that our own competition is not someone else, it is our own state of mind. Challenge that mentality by not being afraid to fail because failures are only lessons on the way to improvement and personal greatness.

      We are all warriors in our own battles. Stay strong and keep on fighting for what is yours.

      That is the message and the inspiration behind the creation of this design.